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Marvel Alliance Facebook Cheats

Marvel Alliance 1 Hit Ko/ Item Dropper/ Infinite Heal Hacks
Updated 9/14/2013

What's new:
Allies Collector-collects all your allies items
Reward Preview- checks what rewards you can get from boss
Score Multiplier- so no need for the cheatengine just use this

Download Below



Cheat Include :

1. Automatically send agent on Flight Deck and collect rewards.
2. Get any number of giftable items ( Norton Shield, First Aid Pack, Restoration Pack, Energy, Challenge, Shield Point, Healthy iso-8 Silver, Unstable iso-8)
3. Automatically refresh on error.
4. Battle option includes 1 Hit KO, Infinite Heal, Drop all game item.

Steps :

1. Click the download button below
2. Complete an offer for human verifcation
3. A popup will appear asking you to install the extension. Click Install.
4. Restart the internet browser.
5. Go to Tool > Add Ons > Extension and you will see the Leethax extension.
6. Make sure it is enabled and all the cheats will work.

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 Total Downloads: 3549

Are you tired of looking for real Marvel Alliance cheats? Well I'm about to show you this is 100% real and guarantee it works. What this hack does is it gives you bonus amount of score points after a fight.You get around 1 million bonus points per fight and about 500k for boss fights. I already have a total of 5-7 million for 2 of my chapters and you can too!

Marvel Avengers Alliance Bonus Score Hack!
Updated 9/14/2013

So what's the point of this? Well you need to get a certain amount of stars to unlock more chapters and this will help you easily saving you from wasting your energies battling over and over. Another thing you should know is the reward it gives you after you earn a star.

1 star  250 silver
2 star 1000 silver
3 star 2000 silver
4 star 1 gold
5 star 5 command points

Another good thing about this hack is you need 5 stars for each of the special ops mission in order to unlock Mockingbird. So if you clear the whole thing once its pretty much an automatic 5 star for the mission. So get it now before the Special Ops mission is gone.


Click the download button for the hack

Cheatengine 6.2 (make sure you downloaded this and older versions don't work)
Cheatengine 6.2

1.Open up hack
2.Open up game in firefox or chrome
3.Press Ctrl 1 for score hack and ctrl 2 for untargeted hack

For Chrome choose the chrome.exe under rundll32.exe
Start it up at flight deck only!

If it still doesn't work add me on fb and i'll help you out!

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